About MissionTix

Heart, mind and gut are at the core of everything we do. We believe in turning bleeding-edge technologies into rock solid solutions for direct ticket sales and event promotion. We believe in offering exceptional customer service in an industry we love.

We're able to sell tickets online and in-person at competitive prices to your customers at no cost to you because we've automated ticket buying with an easy-to-use, customer-friendly system. Your customers can quickly locate your event, buy a ticket, and then spread the word to their friends and colleagues in-person and online with direct links to social media. Staff

When you partner with MissionTix, you have the entire MissionTix, Mission Media
and Mission Film teams working for you.

We understand that your event begins even before your customer buys a ticket. There's anticipation and excitement, and we can capitalize on that through social media, email marketing and data-tracking technologies. You have real-time access to your ticket sales data to see where those purchases are coming from so you can make immediate changes to your marketing strategy to increase ticket sales.

Whether you are an event promoter, venue manager, festival promoter or a corporate or nonprofit event organizer, we know how to make your job easier. We're available to answer any question you may have about ticket-selling and promoting, with more than ten years of experience backing our advice. And your customers can reach us at any time through our 24/7 toll-free call center.

MissionTix services include online ticketing and traditional ticketing, assigned seating, mobile support, box office software, fan club ticketing, festival ticketing, theatre ticketing, Facebook-integrated ticket purchasing, group sales portals, social sharing, and in-house web design and marketing by the award-winning advertising and creative agency Mission Media.



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