Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Is Your Friend

Your ticket buyers are hanging out on Facebook the same way they hang out at your events. They're with friends, family and other fans, all with overlapping interests and influencing each other's actions and buying decisions. MissionTix can teach you everything from Facebook marketing basics to the high-level targeting strategy of Facebook advertising. We unlock the mystery of how to reach the people most likely to like your artist, venue or event so that you can see your fan base grow.

With our Ticket Analytics Dashboard you can see where your sales are coming from geographically and track where sales are happening online so that you can adjust your promotions for the greatest reach. We'll also help you to drive traffic to your website and build an online fan club with promotions, contests and giveaways.

For more information about using Facebook marketing to boost ticket sales and increase your fan base, call MissionTix at 888.996.4774 or email help@missiontix.com.


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